Talk, Learn, and Connect (TLC)

MOIRA’s wellbeing programs are designed to focus on the wellness of carers. We offer a range of courses throughout the year, partnering with industry specialists.


MOIRA Community - Carers Art Therapy

Online Carers Art Therapy | Mondays 11:00am – 12:00pm AEST, commencing 17th May 2021

Give yourself one hour a week to join Art Therapist, Denise Doree, for relaxation and self-care.

This six week  online Art Therapy program has been specially crafted for carers, using art and creativity to reflect and explore self-expression. To learn more, click here.


Woman practicing yoga using her laptop at home. Yoga with Natalie Carolan | Thursdays 10.30am – 11.30am (AEST), commencing 27th May 2021

Join Yoga Teacher, Natalie Carolan, for six weekly classes with a dose of relaxation, stretching, and grounding.

The Yoga Series is a free program for parents and carers of people with disability, delivering a slow and gentle practice progressing through a range of body movements and areas. Great for all levels from beginners to the more confident yogi’s looking for a relaxing session.

To learn more, click here. 


A photo of a woman relaxing on a couch practicing mindful breathing exercisesMindfulness with Dr. Craig Hassed | Thursdays 12pm – 1pm (AEST), commencing 10th June 2021

In our busy day to day lives, being fully present can sometimes be a difficult task. Mindfulness is a way we can bring ourselves back to the present moment, direct our focus, and calm the mind.

In this free, four-week online series for parents and carers, guided by internationally renowned expert, Dr Craig Hassed, learn about mindfulness and how to practice.

To learn more, click here.


Image of women sitting in a kitchen while video chatting with someone.Online Parent and Carer Support Group | Tuesday 15th June at 7pm (AEST) via Zoom

Special guest Angela Nastoulis joins our online carer support group this month. Angela is a clinically-trained psychologist who works with individuals across the lifespan and with varied presenting concerns. She is also the creator of Cards That Talk, a unique card ‘game’ designed to reignite connection, compassion and reflection.

In this session we open the door to communication, explore connection through shared experiences and self-reflection, and present pathways to seek support.

To register, click here.


Soap Making Workshop  | Monday 21st June from 10am to 12pm (AEST)

Learn how to make your own bars of soap in this fun and tactile in-person workshop. A simple and guided session that experiments with essential oils, plants, and other beneficial ingredients.

Enjoy morning tea and a chat with fellow parents and carers. To learn more, click here.

If you have any questions about these online programs, please contact MOIRA’s Carer Connect Coordinator by calling (03) 8552 2222 or emailing

MOIRA’s online Facebook community for carers of people living with disability. The community provides a safe space for carers to connect and communicate online.

If you are a parent or carer of someone living with disability click here to join the growing Carer Community group and stay connected.