Talk, Learn, and Connect (TLC)

MOIRA has partnered with renowned psychology and counselling practice, Prag Consulting, to offer free counselling to carers.

Carers associated with MOIRA disability services including Financial Plan Management have access to three FREE private over-the-phone short-term consultation sessions (50 minutes each).

How do you access phone-counselling?

CAP Application Steps

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MOIRA’s wellbeing programs are designed to focus on the wellness of carers. We offer a range of courses throughout the year, partnering with industry specialists.

Current courses include Mindful Meditation and Hatha Yoga.

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MOIRA’s online Facebook community for carers of people living with disability. The community provides a safe space for carers to connect and communicate online.

If you are a parent or carer of someone living with disability click here to join the growing Carer Community group and stay connected.