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Working with some of Australia’s leading service providers, MOIRA Financial Plan Management (FPM) have developed a unique innovation called Chargeback that means disability support providers can be paid the next business day.
And the arrangement has added safeguards that protect NDIS customers funds.

“Thanks to MOIRA’s Relationship Team and the Chargeback Agreement, we feel more secure when delivering support to plan managed participants (at least for those managed by MOIRA).”
– Charity B, Finance– Complete Nursing & Home Care
“Working with MOIRA’s Finance Department is an enjoyable experience. Their customer service is second to none and exceeds our expectations in that regard.”
– Rabin Bangaar, Finance Manager Community Solutions
“The professionalism, helpfulness and knowledge of MOIRA’s Plan Management team has made them a pleasure to deal with. We look forward to continuing our relationship with MOIRA Plan Management to achieve desired outcomes.”