Plan Management for Participants

MOIRA Plan Management is a financial intermediary service assisting NDIS participants through financial management of their claims and payments for disability supports via the NDIS portal.

Choosing MOIRA as your Plan Manager alleviates the pressures associated with making NDIS provider claims and payments through the NDIS MyPlace Portal. This financial intermediary service allows you as the participant the opportunity to pursue the goals of your NDIS Plan with the confidence that invoices are processed efficiently.

MOIRA’s Plan Management service has been designed to make your transition to the NDIS as easy as possible.

Nominating MOIRA as your plan manager allows you to:

  • Manage your supports and become more self-reliant.
  • Pursue the goals of your NDIS Plan with the confidence that invoices are being processed and paid on time. 
  • Control and choose who provides your supports – MOIRA Plan Management is able to pay both NDIA registered and non-registered service providers.

MOIRA’s Plan Management service is about supporting you with your plan and making the process as simple as possible for you. We understand that there are a variety of scenarios you may be encountering, each posing their own set of questions.

Please see below for a number of resources available to support your NDIS transition.

Plan Management comes at no extra cost to NDIS participants and will be included as an additional item within your plan if requested. 
Funding for Plan Management does not reduce the funding allocated to any other support areas within your plan. 

Download and print the request letter below to request that plan management be included within your NDIS plan 

You can request Plan Management to be included in your NDIS plan during your planning meeting, or during any time throughout the span of your NDIS plan.

Plan Management Request letter

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