Plan Management for Service Providers

MOIRA has years of experience delivering support for people living with a disability in Victoria. We work closely and collaborate with suppliers and service providers offering supports to individuals from all walks of life.

MOIRA is a values and mission driven not-for-profit organisation known for personal and empathetic customer service. 

As a Plan Management Provider MOIRA:

  • Process and pay invoices on time, on behalf of participants 
  • Engage with NDIA staff, support coordinators and support providers on your behalf 
  • Utilise proven systems and ensure that we have experienced people in place 
  • Provide access to plan management staff to assist with enquiries

Working with MOIRA alleviates you from concerns about third party proprietary software and removes the necessity of engaging with the NDIA.

This fact sheet has been developed to help you understand MOIRA’s processes. Delivering all the necessary information will assist MOIRA to promptly process your invoice/s.

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MOIRA works with all registered NDIS providers, even if you are only registered for a few categories of support services.

We provide the flexibility you need to ensure you can still be paid for your services, without becoming registered in that category.

If you’re a non-registered provider, we can still help.

We have put policies in place to ensure all participants have access to all the services they need, allowing us to ensure payments are made to non-registered providers.

Our Plan Management service allow participants to have breadth of choice across providers, including unregistered providers. We have systems in place to support their choice and control.

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