Plan Management for Service Providers

MOIRA has years of experience delivering support for people living with a disability in Victoria. We work closely and collaborate with suppliers and service providers offering supports to individuals from all walks of life.

MOIRA is a values and mission driven not-for-profit organisation known for personal and empathetic customer service. 

As a Plan Management Provider MOIRA:

  • Process and pay invoices on time, on behalf of participants 
  • Engage with NDIA staff, support coordinators and support providers on your behalf 
  • Utilise proven systems and ensure that we have experienced people in place 
  • Provide access to plan management staff to assist with enquiries

MOIRA is able to process and claim payments on behalf of an NDIS participant under the following conditions:

  • The related NDIS participant is an active MOIRA Plan Management participant and holds an active, in date, NDIS plan.
  • The NDIS plan includes funding for the services rendered and the service area is designated as ‘Plan Managed’ within a participants plan.
  • The invoice received by MOIRA conforms to the NDIA Price Guide.

MOIRA have developed the following invoicing fact sheet with guidelines on submitting invoices in the correct format.

If you have any other questions regarding issuing an invoice for payment our Plan Management team is here to help. Call (03) 8552 2222 and press option 1 to speak to a plan manager.

Once an invoice has been created and includes all the required information it can be issued to either the relevant NDIS participant or directly to MOIRA Plan Management.

Sending the invoice directly to MOIRA

Submit invoice via email to  

Email Subject Line:

Initial (First Name) Full (Last Name), Service Provider Name, Invoice Number
E.g. J Smith, MOIRA Inc. PMP, Invoice No. 0000123

Once received, MOIRA Plan Management will contact the relevant NDIS participant or nominated representative to confirm that the service or goods have been received and the invoice is authorised for payment to proceed.

Submitting the Invoice directly to the NDIS participant -

Once received the participant, or an authorised representative, will then need to forward the invoice to MOIRA for payment immediately. Invoices received by MOIRA directly from a participant or representative are automatically marked as authorised for payment to proceed.

MOIRA recommend service providers issue all invoices directly to participants to avoid any potential delays during the request for authorisation.

When MOIRA receives invoices directly from service providers, MOIRA always request authorisation as a level of protection and control for the participants and providers we work with. Choice and control are fundamental to the NDIS model and by adding a level of authorisation MOIRA ensure that participants have control over their supports and spending.

Participants are asked to confirm that any invoice received relates to services or supplies rendered and can confirm this either via email or a verbal authorisation via telephone.

MOIRA have a robust systems in place to ensure that invoices are authorised and paid promptly.

It is important to note that MOIRA does not hold the funds of a participants NDIS plan. Invoice payments must be processed and claimed from the NDIA against the support area where the good/s and service/s have been included in a plan.

Some of the more common reasons preventing MOIRA from claiming money from the NDIA and paying invoices may include:

  • The invoice date falling outside of the participants plan dates;
  • The participants plan differs to what the NDIA has in its computer system;
  • The participants funding has been exhausted for the applicable support area;
  • The invoice does not relate to a support area in the participants plan;
  • MOIRA is not the financial administrator for the particular support area an invoice relates to;
  • The relevant participant is not an active participant of MOIRA Plan Management.

At all times MOIRA will endeavour to communicate with service provider in the event of any significant delays or issues with making payment.

If you are a service provider awaiting payment you can also contact the MOIRA Plan Management team at any time via for an update.

MOIRA works with all registered NDIS providers, even if you are only registered for a few categories of support services.

We provide the flexibility you need to ensure you can still be paid for your services, without becoming registered in that category.

If you’re a non-registered provider, we can still help.

We have put policies in place to ensure all participants have access to all the services they need, allowing us to ensure payments are made to non-registered providers.

Our Plan Management service allow participants to have breadth of choice across providers, including unregistered providers. We have systems in place to support their choice and control.

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