Are your NDIS invoices slowing you down? 5 tips on how to invoice correctly under the NDIS

As a plan manager, MOIRA Financial Plan Management see thousands of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) invoices every week, the good, the bad and everything in between. Here’s a list of my top five NDIS invoice tips that might just make all the difference to you and your NDIS business.

One of the easiest ways for both experienced and new NDIS providers to create a smooth payment process is to invoice correctly.
Whether sending an invoice to a plan manager or an NDIS participant, getting paid for your services requires a claims process and strict criteria on what needs to be included for a claim to be successful.

1. Make sure your invoice template includes ALL of the necessary information.

Making sure your invoice contains all the relevant information will make the NDIS claim process much quicker for participants and Plan Managers.

To help take the guesswork out of what to include here’s a checklist of everything that should be on each invoice:

  • Participants NDIS number
  • Participant’s contact details (not the plan managers)
  • Your business name and ABN
  • Your contact information
  • Invoice number and invoice date
  • Total invoice amount
  • Dates of service delivery
  • Quantity of service/s provided (such as the number of hours)
  • Unit price of service/s provided (your agreed hourly rate)
  • Description of support and/or Support item number – (for example 01_011_0107_1_1)
  • Sequential numbering of Invoices issued
  • GST component if applicable (most services are GST free)

2. Understand the NDIS price guide.

The NDIS website includes a price guide which outlines the maximum rates a plan manager can pay. It’s useful to understand how the pricing works and the support line items relevant to your business.

The price guide includes additional useful information such as maximum rate increases for higher intensity services, delivery rates for suppliers, and travel rates for providers and therapists.

The price guide is updated periodically so it is worth checking in on often.
Click on the link below to view the latest’s NDIS price guide.

3. Include important information in your subject line.

Now that your invoice is ready to go, the quickest way to get it processed and paid is to send it via email to
Including a clear subject line is always a big help at our end and helps speed along the process.

An ideal format is:
First Name, Last Name), Invoice Number
E.g. John Smith, Invoice No. 0000123

4. Please send your invoice as a PDF, WORD or Excel file.

Emailing your invoice as an attachment rather than a link to your invoice can also help speed up the payment process.
As an added tip, it’s important to check your invoice is clear and easy to read – blurry, low resolutions files or photographs can slow down the claims process.

5. Keep good records.

Keeping accurate and organised invoice records is always a good idea, especially when you are issuing invoices to multiple NDIS participants.

If you are a registered provider this is particularly important and essential to ensuring you’re compliant with NDIS standards.
Having a good systems of recording invoices will make your job much easier come any auditing requests or if you are required to provide a Statement of Outcomes for the participant’s plan review.

For more NDIS invoice tips and information an invoicing fact sheet for NDIS service providers is available to download here.

MOIRA Financial Plan Management will always work alongside service providers to help you throughout the NDIS invoices and claims process.
Following these NDIS invoice tips will help make the process as smooth as possible and let you concentrate on what’s important, supporting NDIS participants to achieve their individual goals.

For more information, MOIRA has a dedicated relationships team ready to answer service provider and support coordinator enquiries.
The NDIS website also has a wealth of information to support service providers available here –



Blake Stringer – Pod Leader, Processing Team
Blake leads the processing team within MOIRA Financial Plan Management.