Can I transfer to MOIRA FPM from another NDIS plan manager?

MOIRA’s video series of frequently asked questions regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and NDIS plan management continues this week. Sharing our wealth of knowledge with both new and existing NDIS participants we hope can help empower the entire disability community.

In today’s FAQ video we answer the question “Can I transfer to MOIRA FPM from another NDIS plan manager?”

Video Transcription –

“Here at MOIRA, we are often asked whether participants are able to change to MOIRA Financial Plan Management from another NDIS plan manager.

The NDIS is all about choice and control so regardless of how far you are into your NDIS Plan, the answer is definitely YES.

It is important that you provide advance notice to your current plan manager, your support coordinator if you have one, and any service providers of your decision. This will help streamline the transition to ensure there are no disruption to the payment of your supports.

Choosing MOIRA as your NDIS plan manager is as simple as calling our friendly customer relations team on 1300 666 472 and we will get you started!”

If you have a question for MOIRA’s Financial Plan Management team you would like us to answer please get in touch. Email with your question and we will try to answer it in a future video.