Disability carer wellbeing supports during COVID-19 and beyond.

Introducing MOIRA TLC

MOIRA is pleased to share our latest initiative and carer wellbeing supports and focused on supporting the community of carers and parents of people living with disability we work alongside.

A common theme in engagements with MOIRA’s community of carers, including those within NDIS Financial Plan Management, has been the challenges many have experienced as a result of COVID-19. Understandably, unique complications encountered within caring roles have led many to comment on increased levels of anxiety and stress.

MOIRA Talk, Learn, Connect (TLC) has been launched with this pivotal, and often challenging role in mind, offering demonstrable supports during the pandemic to assist with carers health and emotional wellbeing.

Available from 22nd June, MOIRA’s community of carers will be offered a range of exclusive wellbeing sessions, delivered online by qualified therapists.


Art Therapy

Expert and professional art therapist, Eva Dell Neel will help carers explore emotions through the creation of art guided. The many benefits to Art Therapy, include stress and emotional relief, increased self-esteem, improved mental health amongst others.

Mindfulness Meditation

Dr. Craig Hassed will help carers explore the practice of mindfulness across a wide variety of applications including managing stress, coping with workload, enhancing mental and physical health, and fostering resilience.

Hatha Yoga and Relaxation

Yoga Teacher and Meditation Facilitator, Gillian Fernandes will take carers on a journey of self- discovery through effortless movement.


Beginning next week, and with further supports coming soon, we look forward to continuing to support disability carer wellbeing and enhance the lives of the dedicated individuals MOIRA work alongside.

As with all MOIRA services, this latest initiative is guided by experts and MOIRA’s vision for all people to lead rewarding lives as valued members of society. MOIRA is committed to providing meaningful, complimentary support to assist carers of MOIRA participants.

The carer wellbeing supports introduced are available exclusively to parent and carers engaging with MOIRA programs including our NDIS service, Financial Plan Management, MOIRA FI (Financial Intermediary) and CoS (Continuity of Support), and our carer support networks. For more information on MOIRA TLC and eligibility please contact hello@moira.org.au.

Individuals living with disability carers, disability services and are also invited to join MOIRA’s new mailing list to keep up to date with the latest from MOIRA and the disability sector – https://moira.org.au/subscribe/