Do I need to send MOIRA Financial Plan Management a copy of my NDIS plan?

MOIRA’s video series of frequently asked questions regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and NDIS plan management continues this week.
Sharing our wealth of knowledge with both new and existing NDIS participants we hope can help empower the entire disability community.

In today’s FAQ video we answer the question “Do I need to send MOIRA Financial Plan Management a copy of my NDIS plan?”

Video Transcription –

“Though it is not mandatory for a participant to send a copy of their NDIS Plan to MOIRA, providing MOIRA a copy will really help us understand how to better handle and answer plan specific queries.

With a copy of the participant’s NDIS Plan on record, MOIRA will be able to:

  • Confirm the approved support categories to better answer queries around what supports can or cannot be funded
  • Confirm how each approved support category is managed and best direct where or how an invoice relating to a component that is not plan managed should be processed, whether that is via Self-Manage or NDIA-Managed.
  • Allocate the correct funds via the NDIS Portal in accordance to what has been approved
  • Help participants support their claims with an understanding of their goals and aspirations outlined in their NDIS Plan.

Due to Privacy reasons MOIRA is unable to obtain a copy of the participant’s NDIS Plan unless they have provided consent to share the information.“

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