Easing the school holiday stress for working parents.

School holidays is a difficult time for working parents. Juggling work while trying to find suitable care options for children is definitely not an easy task.

To help relieve some of the stress our working parents experience, this term MOIRA trialled a complimentary school holiday program for team members. Running one day a week, the program aimed to offer two days of respite from the search to make alternative care arrangements.

Re-purposing two of our existing office meeting rooms, games, and activities replaced the usual business setting, breathing new life, literally, into the MOIRA office.

The result? The trail was a huge success. We received raving reviews from both parents and children about how great the program has been. The Children enjoyed making new friends and participating in a range of fun activities, while the MOIRA team enjoyed seeing their children throughout the day, knowing they are happy and safe.

MOIRA understands that there is a substantial gap between children’s school holidays and parents’ annual leave and are dedicated to working with staff to provide flexible and reasonable working adjustments.

Inviting children into the workplace during the school holidays seemed daunting. With considered planning however, and making the most of existing causal team members we succeeded in delivering a positive outcome for everyone involved. MOIRA has assisted team members with balancing their work and family responsibilities, which in turn has increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

We would encourage other organisations to think outside the box and look to the simple innovations that might support working families when it matters most.

Bring on the Christmas holidays and an opportunity to refine this latest initiative.