How do I request to have my NDIS funds Plan Managed?

Demystifying some common misconceptions.

If you would like professional support to process and claim NDIS invoices on your behalf it’s important to understand how to request this support.
Requesting to have your NDIS funds plan managed is an easy and straightforward process.
Let’s take a look at some of the common questions and misconceptions to help keep you informed.

Am I eligible?

Anyone with an NDIS plan is eligible to have their funds plan managed.

How do I make the request?

Plan management can be requested during the initial meeting with your NDIS planner, or during any plan review meeting. You can also request plan management any time throughout the span of your NDIS plan by contacting the NDIS via phone – 1800 800 110 or email –
To assist participants with requesting plan management, MOIRA has created a letter of request individuals can provide their NDIS planner. This letter of request includes all the relevant information the planner will need to process the request. To download a copy of this letter click here.

Do I need to justify my request?

When plan management is requested, there is no requirement to justify your request, nor to prove you “need” it. The option to receive the support of a plan manager such as MOIRA to help manage your NDIS funds is stated within the NDIS Act.

Is there a cost?

Having your NDIS funds plan managed comes at no cost and does not reduce funding from any other support areas. Plan management fees will be added on top of your approved supports budget. The NDIS will directly pay the plan manager a set-up fee and a monthly fee to cover the cost of providing plan management support to you.

How do I choose MOIRA to plan manage my NDIS funds?

Getting started is easy, The Financial Plan Management sign up process has been designed to be quick and straightforward. Participants, or a nominated representative can:

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