How do I submit NDIS invoices for payment?

MOIRA’s video series of frequently asked questions regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and NDIS plan management continues this week.
Sharing our wealth of knowledge with both new and existing NDIS participants we hope can help empower the entire disability community.

In today’s FAQ video we answer the question “How do I submit NDIS invoices for payment?”


Video Transcription –

“You can arrange for your service providers to send their invoices directly to you in the first instance.
Once you have reviewed the invoice and are happy for MOIRA to pay, you can then forward the invoice to our MOIRA FPM team and this will be considered “pre-approved”.
This is the fastest way to have your invoices paid as there is no waiting period for an authorisation.

Another option is for the service provider to send the invoice directly to our email address, which will then be entered into our system and emailed to the participant or nominated representative for authorisation to pay.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an email to authorise, we can set up a verbal authorisation, where we call you to authorise invoices over the phone.
Choice and control are fundamental to the NDIS model and by adding a level of authorisation Financial Plan Management ensure that participants have control over their supports and spending.
The invoice can either be ‘authorised’ or if it is incorrect, you can ask us not to pay.
MOIRA will support you if you require any assistance communicating with your providers.
Don’t worry if you forget to approve an invoice, we have automated reminders scheduled to keep you on track.

In cases where our clients don’t have computer access, we can receive their invoices via the post, which must be signed for approval.
However, this option means that there may be delays with invoice payments as we are reliant on the postal service.

MOIRA highly recommends submitting your invoices pre-approved by the NDIS participant or nominee as this helps speed up processing significantly.

Our email to send all invoices to is: – this is the same for both participants and providers sending in their invoices.

Our relationship team have put together a factsheet available on the MOIRA website to help providers make sure they include everything needed on an invoice.“

Click here to download invoicing fact sheet.


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