How to switch NDIS plan manager – MOIRA Financial Plan Management

If you are wondering whether you can change to MOIRA Financial Plan Management from another National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan manager, the answer is yes. The NDIS is all about choice and control. This means that regardless of how far you are into your current NDIS plan, you can switch plan managers whenever you like.

If you wish to change to MOIRA Financial Plan Management it is important that you provide advance notice to your current plan manager in writing (usually via email). Any existing service agreement you have with your current plan manager will detail the withdrawal process. Your plan manager will need to pay any outstanding invoices and then release any service bookings they hold in relation to your NDIS plan.

As your chosen financial plan manager, and with your permission, MOIRA Financial Plan Management can help engage with your previous plan manager. We can help ease the transition to ensure there are no disruptions to the payment of your supports.

Switching to MOIRA Financial Plan Management is a simple and easy process. All you need to do is give our friendly team a call on 1300 666 472 or email and we will get you started.

Our experienced Financial Plan Management team is here to help you make the most of your NDIS plan, confident that NDIS invoices are processed and paid on time.

  • Industry Leading Payment Times
    Chargeback service – 1 business day
    Standard Process – Averaging under 5 business days
  • Unmatched protection of participants NDIS funds
  • Fast and easy online registration
  • ACNC Registered Charity – Profits directed back into the disability community