In Conversation with James Hunt – Available to watch now

Last week MOIRA wrapped up our much-anticipated conversation with father of two children with autism and award-winning blogger James Hunt. James joined us live from the UK to share his unique experience as a parent carer with the disability community MOIRA work alongside here in Australia.

Chatting online with MOIRA Carer Connect Coordinator Christina Mastoris, James offered an authentic and personal account of the highs and lows he has experienced as a carer.

Throughout the hour-long conversation James shared insights that resonate with parents and carers. James’s relatable story offers an opportunity to strengthen and support connection between carers as we continue to build upon the work of MOIRA’s carer community initiatives.

In his closing remarks James stressed just how valuable finding and interacting with a community of other disability carers has been for him and his family.

‘Find a community and become a part of it…even if you have one person you can
have a coffee with, or who you can message that has a life similar to yours and
understands it, makes such a difference.’


Over a year in the making and overcoming the challenges of COVID-10 travel restrictions, the success of ‘In Conversation with James Hunt’ is a great example of how both disability carers and MOIRA can interact and connect in meaningful ways online.

We take this opportunity to thank James again for sharing his time and journey with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) community and carers MOIRA works alongside.

You can watch the full recording of the ‘In Conversation with James Hunt’ below.


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