MOIRA’s Environmental Commitment – Carbon Offsetting Update

In 2019 MOIRA announced it’s commitment to environmental sustainability and a partnership with leading environmental non-profit organisation Greenfleet to offset the emissions of fleet vehicles.

We are pleased to announce that this initiative has now been extended MOIRA team member’s carbon emission will now also be covered throughout 2020.
MOIRA has committed funds to reduce the environmental impact of both team members commute to and from work and weekend travel.

MOIRA’s total contribution to reforestation is now 1804 native trees, supporting Australian biodiversity and offsetting approximately 470 tonnes of CO2-e.

Image of some people in orange hi-vis vests planting trees
MOIRA have offset the carbon emissions associated with a total of 109 vehicles.

By offsetting our emissions with Greenfleet, MOIRA is taking practical action against climate change and helping to restore Australia’s forests. We are proud to contribute to projects throughout Australia working to recreate crucial habitat for native wildlife and transform degraded land back to its natural state.

Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 9.2 million trees across 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand.
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