MOIRA Fit – Team member wellbeing and why it’s important to MOIRA

The last four weeks have seen MOIRA’s office transformed into a gym, meditation retreat, healthy kitchen and more, all in the name of employee wellbeing.

At MOIRA both our individual and team capacity to make healthy decisions and look after ourselves supports successful outcomes for the people and communities we work with. With this in mind MOIRA Fit was born, partnering with South Yarra Spine & Sports Medicine to deliver a holistic, inclusive wellbeing program for the entire organisation.

Focusing on four key pillars of wellbeing; Exercise, Mindset, Nutrition and Sleep, MOIRA Fit offered a wide range of resources and optional supports for team members to help inspire and motivate positive change.

Activities included:
• Confidential lifestyle and physical assessments
• Weekly Monday morning stretching sessions.
• Weekly wellbeing walks
• A clean eating workshop on making the right food choices
• Meditation workshops to support a healthy mindset
• An office pyjama day to highlight the importance of healthy sleeping habits

Each activity was designed to offer an opportunity for team members to develop some healthy habits that support overall wellbeing. Self-motivation was key, with each support 100% optional it was up to individual to decide which activities were suitable and beneficial to their personal journey.

Key outcomes included:
• 87% of employees responded they had made positive change to their lifestyle.
• 4 weeks was the optimal length of time – 95% of team members were engaged throughout the program. Consistent content and activities kept wellbeing front and centre throughout.
• Mindset was identified the biggest wellbeing obstacle for many, with the input and encouragement of MOIRA Fit unanimously welcomed by the team.
• Big change doesn’t require a big budget – with some careful planning and leveraging existing relationships and resources we were able to implement a successful, low cost program that had a real impact on the teams wellbeing.

Learnings and insights gathered from MOIRA Fit will be used to inform future workforce initiatives as we continue to encourage a confident, aspiration workforce ready to support MOIRA’s vision for all people to lead rewarding lives as valued members of society.

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