MOIRA’s Return to the Office

After several, long awaited months, we’re excited to welcome MOIRA team members back to the office this week. However, we haven’t returned in exactly the same way as before.

For one, our COVID Safe plan ensures that we meet physical distancing and capacity requirements by limiting the number of team members in the office each day. But we also want to leverage and build on the technology and flexibility capabilities we have demonstrated over the work from home period, and the benefits for both team members and those we support. Therefore, MOIRA will continue to offer remote working while exploring and refining the way we operate over time.

There has been a buzz of excitement in the office this week as the team enjoys catching up with each other in person. It’s been nice to hear the laughs and the chatter again, and to see the joy that interacting with colleagues brings.

MOIRA would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of frontline workers and the wider community in working together so that our team can return to the office in a safe way. We would also like to acknowledge and thank all MOIRA team members for their cooperation, resilience and commitment over these challenging times.

Welcome back team!