NDIS Invoice authorisation just got easier – Financial Plan Management Update

Beginning this week, MOIRA Financial Plan Management has updated and streamlined our existing NDIS invoice authorisation process to better reflect the needs of participants and their families. Financial Plan Management NDIS Invoice authorisation update

The current practice of receiving and responding to an individual authorisation reminder for each invoice (that isn’t from a provider using chargeback) will be replaced by a single email which includes a list of all invoices pending authorisations.

The best news is all that you need to do is reply once to authorise all pending payments.

This latest Financial Plan Management NDIS Invoice authorisation update has been introduced to improve your plan management experience. We have been listening and understand the importance of convenient and simple services. MOIRA Financial Plan Management value the input and feedback of the NDIS community we work alongside as we continue to lead NDIS plan management standards of service.

The invoice authorisation checks in place remain a robust method of protecting MOIRA Financial Plan Management participant’s funds from fraud and invoicing error. This practice will continue and has now been simplified to reduce the administrative time required, leaving you with more time to focus on what’s important to you.

The new process will mean less emails, quicker authorisation and still upholds MOIRA’s unmatched level of participant protection. The update will only affect participants whose invoices are sent directly to MOIRA via service providers. If you, or an authorised representative submits invoices directly to MOIRA checked and approved, they can be processed immediately and there will be no change.


If you have any questions regarding this update please contact fpm@moira.org.au or call the team on 1300 666 472.
If you are a Support Coordinator working alongside MOIRA we also have a dedicated relationships team that can work with you, Contact FPMsupport@moira.org.au to get started.