School Holidays – a Working Parent’s Perspective

Trying to juggle work while caring for children during the school holiday period is a stress many working parents would rather live without.

At MOIRA, we always strive to provide our team with reasonable and flexible working adjustments. One of the ways we provide this support is through the implementation of a complimentary school holiday program for our team members’ children.

The program was trialled last year and after such huge success, we were excited to bring it back for the summer school holidays. This time round was just as – if not more- successful than the first, with both parents and children raving about how much they enjoyed the program.

But don’t just take our word for it, let’s hear from one of our working parents Adam Kennon, Senior Youth Worker – Practice Development

How has the school holiday program benefitted you and your family?

It has allowed us to be more flexible with School holiday care. Finding suitable interactive cost effective holiday care options out in the community is exhausting and by having just a few days to not worry about cost or transportation to these programs is a much welcomed relief to any parent. The Christmas Break is a difficult time for families who do not have the support of extended family to juggle the load of caring for children. 6 weeks is a long time and can almost feel like a fulltime job sourcing care for your children during the Christmas break.

Photo of Adam playing Uno with his son August.

What do you most like about the program?

I know that August enjoyed being with other likeminded Children. He loves interaction with others. The care provided to him over the two days he was here was amazing and he continues to ask me when will be the next time he will be coming to dad’s work. I also enjoyed being able to check in on him and even take him out to lunch. August also enjoyed collecting spare change from the Your Journey team to purchase a chocolate big M.

How has your son enjoyed his time on the program?

August loved every minute of it, this was proven by him falling asleep in the car on the way home. He expressed that he felt important coming into MOIRA and was extremely comfortable interacting with the broader MOIRA team.

Photo of Adam and August hanging out in the MOIRA office

Do you believe MOIRA provides reasonable and flexible working adjustments?

I firmly believe that MOIRA do the best they can to provide a flexible working environment. I know I have the full support of the leadership team within Your Journey that if something comes up regarding family I can go to them for support without prejudice. MOIRA is an extremely supportive work environment and should be commended on this.

Thank you Adam for sharing your experience. MOIRA is proud to be able to provide such a beneficial support to working parents and look forward to doing this all again next school holidays.

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