What is NDIS Plan Management?

Beginning this week, MOIRA is introducing a video series of frequently asked questions regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and plan management service.
Sharing our wealth of knowledge with both new and existing NDIS participants is important and we hope can help empower the entire disability community.

We are kicking things off this week with an understandably common question received, ‘What is plan management?’
Individuals and families transitioning to the NDIS and receiving supports for the first time can easily become overwhelmed with new terminology and processes.
We hope the short video below helps clear up what a plan management service does, and how a plan manager such as MOIRA FPM can support your NDIS journey.


MOIRA have been actively involved in Australia’s NDIS transition since its very beginning, supporting the early trials in Barwon in 2016.
As we continue to deliver Financial Plan Management supports to many thousands of NDIS participants across Australia we have an extensive understanding and knowledge of the NDIS and how plan management can support participants to live their best life.

If you have a question for MOIRA’s Financial Plan Management team you would like us to answer please get in touch.
Email hello@moira.org.au with your questions and we will try to answer them in a future video.