How To Avoid NDIS Invoice Errors

As an experienced plan manager, MOIRA Financial Plan Management see thousands of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) invoices every week, the good, the bad and everything in between.

Today we are sharing some insights into common causes of invoicing errors and unpaid invoices.

Understanding what can cause NDIS payment delays can help participants, families and service providers know what to look out for. Avoiding theses common invoice errors can help ensure a fast, simple invoice process. Most importantly, helps ensure sure that disability services continue without disruption.

What to look out for when submitting, reviewing and authorising invoices:

  1. Incorrect number of hours invoiced: This can occur when the hours detailed on an invoice exceed the actual hours delivered to the NDIS participant.
  2. Incorrect hourly rate applied for supports provided: Instances where the hourly rate invoiced is higher than what has been agreed as per the Service Agreement. For example, if a weekend or public holiday rate has been applied instead of a weekday rate.
  3. Incorrect service or support dates: It can be problematic if the service dates on an invoice are outside of the stipulated NDIS plan start and end dates. Successful Claims can only be made within the NDIS plan dates.
  4. Incorrect claims made against a different participant: A provider might issue an invoice addressed to the wrong participant, which can result in unintended claims against a participants plan.

Unfortunately, there are instances where a combination of the above errors occur in a single invoice. Errors such as these can incorrectly erode the funds in the participants NDIS plan.

One of the key benefits of MOIRA FPM is our detailed and sound controls.
We have invoice authorisation (seeking approval before payment) and/or our unique Chargeback feature, both significantly help with mitigating these errors and maintain protection of funds.

MOIRA Financial Plan Management work with participants and providers to ensure all invoicing are processed accurately, promptly and securely.

Disability services can find more information how to help avoid invoicing errors in our NDIS Invoicing Fact sheet available to download here.

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