Our story

MOIRA is a registered charity supporting people living with disability, youth in crisis, their families and carers. Across our wide range of services, we always respond with experience, flexibility and care. Our story over 60 years of experience delivering client, community and family-centred programs.

MOIRA is a public company, limited by guarantee and accredited under DHHS quality standards.
We are also registered as a service provider for the National Disability insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Our vision is that people choose what creates their best future.

To help us realise our vision, we are guided by six values. At MOIRA we are at all times and in all circumstances:

  • Trustworthywe act with integrity and finish what we start;
  • Engagingwe demonstrate empathy;
  • Dignified – we believe everyone deserves to be respected;
  • Committed – we provide great service;
  • Innovative – we break it because it’s working;
  • Curious – we know others expand our horizons.

As our guiding mantra, ‘Choose your tomorrow’ reflects both MOIRA’s cultural values and vision. MOIRA exists to enhance the potential for people to live independent and fulfilling lives and create their own stories, writing their own futures.