Board of Directors

John Enright

John Enright has extensive experience in government positions where he undertook many program reviews around governance and performance. John currently serves as Chair of the Financial, Audit and Risk (FAR) Committee.

Dr Peytee Grusche

Peytee contributes valuable legal expertise and knowledge to the MOIRA board. Her particular skills across intellectual property rights, as well as her general expertise in the law, supports the MOIRA board in taking a robust approach to commercial issues.

Caroline Guthrie

Working in Recruitment, HR and Consulting, Caroline Guthrie is the Director of Perigon Group’s Melbourne operation which offers recruitment and consulting services to a wide range of industries. With many years’ experience in the UK and Australia, Caroline brings valuable skills and insights in the area of human resourcing to the MOIRA board.

Sue McKenzie

Having set up her own Leadership and Culture Training Company, Sue Mckenzie is the Director of Orange Creative Coaching which offers leadership development to global organisations. With many years’ experience in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Sue brings valuable skills and insights in the area of leadership and the development of innovative cultures to the MOIRA board.

Luke Nichols

With a passion for promoting health and wellbeing, Luke is an entrepreneur working in the health care sector in both private practice and corporate health. Alongside his professional background, experience, and expertise, Luke brings valuable skills and insights in the area of health care to the MOIRA board. As Chair of the MOIRA board, it is Luke's role to guide it with information and insights to support decision making.

Shanker Pragnaratne

Shanker is the principal psychologist of a private psychology practice, providing clinical, forensic and organisational consulting services in the disability sector. With his professional background and lifelong interest in helping others, Shanker Pragnaratne is an ideal addition to the MOIRA board.

Tony Sweeney

For over three decades, Tony has been committed to a career in the disability services industry. In his role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tony Sweeney works closely with the MOIRA board to ensure that the organisation’s vision and strategy are aligned.