Weekend Recreation Activities

MOIRA’s recreation activities give children living with a disability the opportunity to share in fun experiences they may not be able to enjoy at home, in an environment where they are provided with appropriate support. The program gives parents and carers the opportunity to spend time with children in a relaxed environment.

From seeing a movie or taking part in a music workshop, MOIRA offers a variety of choices in programs run across various locations within the south of Melbourne.

MOIRA's recreation activities are currently open to both NDIS and non-NDIS participants.

  • NDIS participants are charged from the 'Assistance to access centre-based social and recreational activities' funding within an NDIS plan.
  • Non-NDIS participants are charged a fixed subsidised rate.

 Contact communitysupport@moira.org.au for more information, or call (03) 8552 2222.

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