Interchange Host

MOIRA’s Interchange Host program pairs young people who have a disability with volunteer hosts. Each child is hosted by a volunteer on a regular basis for a minimum of 12 months – with many of these relationships lasting for years.

This relationship provides opportunities to extend the young person's social contacts, experiences and friendships through various recreation and social activities, while maintaining a sense of security. Each child benefits from a relationship which is just for them.

Volunteer hosts can be singles, couples or families of any age who may or may not have experience with young people with disabilities. As compatibility is the key to the success of this program, MOIRA carefully considers common interests, lifestyles and flexibility. MOIRA also provides information sessions for parent/carers and ongoing support and training for volunteer hosts. 

Who is eligible?

Young people with a disability aged three or above, and living at home with a parent or carer, can take part in the Interchange Host program. This service is available where a young person’s parent or carer meets the Centrelink eligibility criteria for the Commonwealth Carers Allowance.

Individuals with a psychiatric illness, a physical illness, ADHD and ADD are not eligible for Home and Community Care (HACC) funded services as directed by the Department of Health &Human Services (DHHS). 

How to become a volunteer host 

Potential volunteers undergo a rigorous process of background checks, home visits, assessment and training over a number of weeks before they are accepted into the program. The host assessment procedure includes a number of stages:

Application Review

Submitted applications are reviewed by MOIRA, and an initial phone interview is conducted.

Referee Check

Potential volunteer hosts are required to provide the contact details for two referees; one personal and one professional.

Assessment Visit

MOIRA will arrange a home visit to meet the potential volunteer host, assess the environment and discuss the volunteer host's expectations.

Security Checks

All persons over 18 years of age or living at the residential address of the applicant must undergo a police check and a Working with Children Check.

Compatibility Process

MOIRA considers a number of factors when finding a compatible volunteer for a young person on the waiting list for the host program. Factors may include specific needs, common interests, and the location in which people reside. As an organisation which celebrates diversity MOIRA actively encourages people from the LGBTIQA+ community to consider volunteering as an Interchange Host. 

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