Targeted Care Packages

The purpose of the Targeted Care Packages is to support young people transitioning from residential care to more appropriate care arrangements where their care needs will be better met.

The Your Journey team work in collaboration with the Victorian State Government and other youth services to develop innovative, creative, placement solutions that respond to individual needs.

TCPs are targeted at young people with a child protection order.

There are two groups of young people eligible:

  1. People at risk of entering residential care; or
  2. People currently in residential care

For more information on eligibility and getting started visit the Department of Family Fairness & Housing guidelines.

Your new MOIRA Keyworker will work closely with you to:

  • Help you develop or build on skills to live independently
  • Support your education and employment goals
  • Link you with specialist services best suited to help you
  • Make sure your voice is heard
  • Answer your questions
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