Celebrating MOIRA’s Workforce Diversity

‘Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.’

As MOIRA continues to grow and innovate each year, the diversity of our team plays an important role in nurturing an organisation well placed to fulfil its vision to provide high quality services to the people in the communities we support. 

A single element of MOIRA’s diversity, national and cultural identity, was put to the test last year. MOIRA’s Human Resources Team completed a project to plot the world map featured presenting the geographical background of the MOIRA workforce in 2018. 

This map marks a moment in MOIRA’s history but, more significantly, offers a unique opportunity to celebrate and shine a light on the diversity of the MOIRA experience which risks being underappreciated. As the map above highlights, MOIRA is fortunate to have a team hailing from over 27 different countries across 6 continents: An excellent example of the melting pot of cultures and individuals that make up the MOIRA workplace.

Workplace diversity is a strength MOIRA has developed through neither force nor influence, it is the natural outcome of an inclusive environment that asks all team members to bring their ‘best selves’ to work each day. MOIRA reaps the rewards of different and diverse minds working together, informing dynamic solutions, problem solving and decision making at all levels of the organisation.

Enabling people to live independent, fulfilling lives means responding to individual needs, and invariably, interacting with a diverse audience of service users. Our diversity is a resource MOIRA will continue to draw from as we work with people creatively and constructively to provide the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

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