Frequently Asked Questions

Transitioning from MOIRA FI to MOIRA Plan Management:

An Individual Support Package (ISP) is state funded and MOIRA FI hold ISP client funds in a trust account. Invoices that meet the ISP criteria set by DHHS can be paid immediately.

NDIS Plan Management is funded by the Federal Government and the NDIS holds the funds within a participants plan. MOIRA Plan Management processes and pays invoices by claiming funds from the NDIS on behalf of the participant.

Under ISP funding clients are not required to complete a service agreement. DHHS contacts MOIRA FI directly to engage the service.

To use MOIRA Plan Management a participant must review and sign a service agreement to begin making invoice claims. This is required as per NDIS guidelines.

Not necessarily. ISP funding can be used at the discretion of the recipient so long as the services / products being paid for are within the parameters of DHHS Guidelines. 

Within an NDIS plan, the chosen plan manager can only process invoices as per the NDIS price guide. Invoices must have a quantity and suitable unit cost so a plan manager can claim the funds from the NDIS.

If engaging an NDIS plan manager you can continue using the same service providers, however you will need to advise them of the switch from ISP to NDIS funding so they can make the required changes to invoices at their end.

The timeframe will differ due to the change in where funds are held. MOIRA Plan Management submit invoices as “claims” to the NDIS and cannot pay for something until the NDIS has approved it, there are numerous issues that can prevent this from happening promptly.

Common reasons preventing MOIRA from claiming money from the NDIA and paying invoices include:

  • The invoice date falling outside of NDIS plan dates
  • The invoice not providing the necessary information required to have it processed
  • The NDIS plan differs to what the NDIA has in its computer system
  • A participants funding has been exhausted for the applicable support area
  • The invoice does not relate to a support area within the NDIS plan
  • The plan manager is not the plan manager for a particular support area

DHHS currently provide funding for reply paid envelopes to facilitate communications between MOIRA FI and ISP recipients.

Communications with your chosen Plan Management provider will vary depending on the provider. Reply paid envelopes are not funded by the NDIS and in most instances the preferred contact method for submitting invoices is via email.

Once a participant has received an NDIS plan, the NDIS will notify DHHS to cease ISP funding. This process can currently take several months in some extreme cases. DHHS will then notify MOIRA FI and invoice payments will cease.

An NDIS participant with the relevant funding for plan management can make contact with their preferred provider directly and begin the relevant sign up process. This process may differ for each provider.

Preparing for your Plan Management service.:

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) holds all funds approved in your individualised plan. If MOIRA is nominated as you financial administrator (the NDIA refer to this as Plan Management) we will access funds by processing of authorised invoices and making claims to the NDIS on your behalf, via the NDIA MyPlace portal.


MOIRA will arrange payment of invoices that you approve. This involves claiming funds from the NDIA in the first instance and then if the claim is successful we will make payments to the providers you have chosen.

Having MOIRA as a plan manager supports you to be in control of your claims and payments and may also assist in building your capacity to undertake tasks associated with the management of your supports. Please note MOIRA requires approval of all invoices from either yourself or your authorised representative.

Most National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plans contain a number of support categories. For the support categories in your plan that reference:


How will the supports be paid:

NDIS will pay my plan management agency directly for these supports


MOIRA are authorised and able to pay approved invoices on your behalf. If however a support category doesn’t have the above included then we are unable to make payments for this category so please ensure you have made other arrangements.


You can request Plan Management to be included in your plan when meeting with your NDIS planner, or during any time throughout the span of your NDIS plan.

The following request letter can be used to ensure that plan management is included within your NDIS plan - Click here to download.

Engaging with MOIRA Plan Management is a simple process that begins with completing a Request for Referral Form. This includes providing MOIRA a copy of your NDIS plan detailing all necessary information. 

Prior to being able to act as your nominated NDIS financial intermediary, MOIRA requires a signed Service Agreement.


Getting started with MOIRA NDIS Plan Management.:

The process in getting an invoice paid is as follows:

  • Invoices can be sent in directly from the service provider, or issued to the participant who will then send them through to MOIRA.
  • All invoices can be sent in through to:

                     MOIRA Plan Management e-mail address:

                    Please identify in the Subject Line:

                    Service Provider Name, Invoice Number – Participant Name 


  • MOIRA requires approval from an invoicing authority before payment can be made.
  • We ask that you allow us 7 – 10 working (business) days from the date we receive an approved invoice to make a claim and pay your invoice should the claim be successful.



One of the benefits of opting for having an NDIS plan management provider is that it allows you to exercise choice in who provides your supports under your plan. Provided that you chose MOIRA as the plan manager for your support areas we will be able to process your claims and make payments to providers regardless of whether they are NDIS registered or not. Please note MOIRA however can only pay amounts in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide.

Accessing MOIRA Plan Management requires a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan issued by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

MOIRA Plan Management comes at no extra cost provided that you are funded for the support area "Improved Life Choices - Financial intermediary and Plan Management" with the support item references:

- 14_033_0127_8_3; and

- 14_034_0127_8_3

Plan Management comes at no cost to you.

You can request Plan Management to be included in your plan when meeting with your NDIS planner, or during any time throughout the span of your NDIS plan. If you chose MOIRA as your NDIS plan manager we will claim our fees directly from the NDIA.

The following request letter can be used to ensure that plan management is included within your NDIS plan - Click here to download.

Signing up with MOIRA Plan Management requires a completed Request for Referral Form returned with a copy of your NDIS plan and details regarding your core supports breakdown. MOIRA also requires a signed Service Agreement.

Generally this process takes approx. 2 business days from receiving all the required information in the referral form

No, you are not obligated to engage any other services provided by MOIRA to access MOIRA Plan Management.

More information on MOIRA services can be found on our website or by contacting us on (03) 8552 2222.

Troubleshooting FAQ's:

MOIRA does not hold the funds of any plan. Funds must be processed and claimed from the NDIA against the support area where the good/s and service/s have been included in the plan. Some of the more common reasons preventing MOIRA from claiming money from the NDIA and paying invoices on your behalf may include:

  • The invoice date falling outside of your plan dates;
  • Your plan differs to what the NDIA has in its computer system;
  • Your funding has been exhausted for the applicable support area;
  • The invoice does not relate to a support area in your plan;
  • MOIRA is not the financial administrator for the particular support area;
  • MOIRA has not received the required information as detailed in our sign up (induction) process.


Please note MOIRA will communicate with you in the event of a claim being unsuccessful.

Our experienced team at MOIRA will be able to assist you in using the NDIA portal to view your respective support item balances and claims. Monthly statements are also available upon request in writing to our email

For privacy reasons, MOIRA is not able to request a copy of your NDIS plan from the NDIA. It is your responsibility to notify MOIRA Plan Management when you receive a new or amended NDIS plan in a timely manner to ensure invoices will continue to be processed and paid.